Subject: Name – Welcome To Our 2020 Team!

Hello Name!

Welcome to our PIN Team!

We are glad you are here. We know you will be too.

A few things to get started out of the gate quickly.

Review your PIN Website & back office in it’s entirety,
it is definitely robust and full of great information. Make
sure to add your picture or a lifestyle pic or logo. Also,
add your payment details. Check overnight direct from
your prospect is the main payment method.  They also
have Wire info on the left side menu. I added our Zelle
info there too.

Team Training/Resource Website
Go Now >>

(check often as we will continually be adding & updating)

Remember >>
PIN is about Scale!ing. Scale your Levels, advertising
and lifestyle. Call us anytime for any tips, questions
coaching and suggestions. We believe, 2 heads are
better than one. Masterminding & Brainstorming is what
we do!

There Are 2 Marketing Systems >>

1. PIN In-House System: Capture & drip and shows
your leads. This is free to use and right in your PIN
back office. Great for the newbie or low techie.

2. Our 2020 System: We use AWeber Order AWeber Here!
We charge $150 (introductory price) to set up our system
for you. This is a more advanced approach for someone
who wants to build a database and is familiar with auto-
responders. Our Capture Page is $50. THIS IS ALL SET
professional, efficient and effective. Build your database
the right way with our system!

Be Committed & Consistent In Your Efforts And Watch
This Incredible Opportunity Reap The Rewards Daily &
Directly. Advertising is the life-blood of your business.

Please save this email to use for your new PIN members!
Success Leaves Clues!

Enjoy The Journey – Trust The Process!

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“There Is No Downside To A Side Hustle. There Are Only
Benefits To Building More Than One Source Of Income.
A Side Hustle Is The New Job Security.”  -FORBES

“Go Confidently In The DIRECTION Of Your DREAMS,